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Massachusetts Criminal Defense Attorney Zealously Advocates for Defendants

Dennis defense lawyer fights for your rights

No matter what criminal charge you face, you deserve a defense attorney who works diligently to secure your rights under the law. At my Dennis firm, the Law Office of Peter J. Aspesi, P.C., I draw on experience gained from nearly 20 years defending clients throughout Massachusetts on a range of criminal charges. Whether you face felony assault accusations or a drunk driving allegation, I put my knowledge of the law and my skill as a litigator and negotiator to work on your behalf. While I address your criminal charges aggressively, I treat you with compassion and understanding. A criminal charge, let alone a conviction, can have an indelible impact on your future. It is my goal to make a positive impact on your life beyond defending you in court.

Skilled defense against assault charges

Under Massachusetts law, an assault is the act of threatening violence against someone who perceives that action as a threat. So an assault charge does not need to involve actual injury or even physical contact. (Assault and battery is a separate charge that does involve deliberate, harmful touching without the victim’s consent.) Such charges can expose the accused to fines and up to two and a half years in jail for only a misdemeanor. This shows how much a charge can disrupt your life. I will get to the bottom of what happened in any instance that leads to a charge of assault to create a strong defense on your behalf.

Strong representation for a range of drug charges

While the state recently decriminalized the possession and use of small amounts of marijuana, there is still intense focus on drug crimes involving the possession, sale and use of controlled substances such as heroin and cocaine, and punishment can range from court fines to a lengthy prison sentence. A conviction of possession with intent to distribute carries a mandatory minimum sentence of one year in jail. You could also lose your driver’s license for up to five years, depending on the type of drug and amount involved. In some cases, you don’t even have to be using the drug to be charged: you face constructive possession of heroin if you are found in a house where you know the drug is kept. I will use my knowledge of the law and the details of your circumstances to prepare a defense against the drug charges you face.

Seasoned advocacy for clients facing drunk driving allegations

In Massachusetts, drivers stopped on suspicion of drunk or drugged driving can be charged with an OUI (operating under the influence) if their blood alcohol levels are at or above .08 percent, whether or not they were actually impaired. The BAC levels are even lower for commercial drivers and those under 21 years of age. While a first offense conviction carries no jail time, you risk fines and license suspension, affecting your ability to work and support your family. A minor offense could ruin your plans for the future, so the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney is absolutely necessary. I know that law policies and procedures are not infallible; I can challenge the legality of the stop itself as well as the breathalyzer and other test results in defending you against OUI/DUI charges.

Comprehensive counsel for sexual assault charges

Our society is paying greater attention to charges of sexual assault and misconduct. I will work to protect your rights as the accused in this difficult climate. An attorney with experience, compassion and a passion for justice should handle a defense in these cases.

Defenses against felony charges in the Cape Cod area

Prosecutors in Massachusetts will work hard to earn guilty verdicts in felony cases. You need someone with the stamina and determination to see a case through to the end. These cases can become complicated and may require a significant amount of time to resolve. I will look for affordable solutions to your problem without compromising on a strong defense against the charges.

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Call me at the Law Office of Peter J. Aspesi, P.C. today at 508-544-4413 or contact my Dennis office online to find out how I can help you. We will discuss your case so I can get your side of the story, and together we can work on a resolution to your criminal case.

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